Stop the Clock: Friday Five


Set the clock! Most kids and school personnel are either in school or gearing up for that first day. Even though we would love time to slow down and hold onto summer a bit longer, unfortunately it won’t. So, get on board with earlier alarms and a more scheduled day but do it in style. Whether you prefer to wear your timepiece or add it into your decor, these items should keep you timely!

1. Dorm decor can be fun when you are keeping time with a wall clock like this one. Felt35 Wall Clock, $149,

2. You’ll never be late when you are wearing your stylish timepiece around your neck. In the Zone Necklace, $29.99,

3. Add in accent of color and posh with a vintage tabletop clock. Green Colorburst Tabletop Clock, $12.99,

4. Get to your meetings and classes on time, while incorporating a burst of color to your wrist. Lambretta Cielo Watch, $80,

5. Your teen will love the look of time when this modern piece is in their room. Areaware Numbers LED Clock, $120,