Sock Bunny How-to Easter Craft

Keep the little ones entertained this Easter by letting them make their own sock bunny. This adorable craft is both easy to create and festive for the Easter season. With floppy ears and soft material, sock bunnies also make fun toys for kids to play with when finished. So, hop to it!

sockbunnyWhat to Gather:

1/3 cup rice

Pastel-colored adult spa sock

Polyester fiberfill

2 ponytail holders (same color as sock)

Tack glue or glue gun


1 (1 1/2-inch) white pom-pom

2 white ponytail holders (for whiskers)

2 plastic eyes

Pink felt

Pastel-colored ribbon


STEP 1: Place rice in bottom of sock. Add one handful polyester fiberfill for bunny’s body. Secure with colored ponytail holder. Add polyester fiberfill to form bunny’s head. Secure the top of head with second colored ponytail holder. Glue pom-pom to the back of body to make the tail.

STEP 2: Cut each white ponytail holder into 2 (11/2-inch) pieces. Apply a generous amount of glue in center of bunny’s face, and carefully place ends of whiskers in glue. Top glue with bunny-shaped nose cut from pink felt.

STEP 3: Glue eyes on bunny above nose and whiskers, and tie ribbon around bunny’s neck.

STEP 4: Cut the sock’s cuff down the middle to form bunny’s ears. Cut tips of ears into a rounded shape.