Quilted Ornament How-To

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Ornament Girl” Staci Ann Lowry shared her story, helpful tips, and the creative process behind handcrafting ornaments in our November/December issue. Here she shares instructions for making your own quilted ornament.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A smooth foam ball
  • 6 pieces of fabric, cut to fit the design you’d like to create on your ornament. (For a free pattern for this ornament, plus fabric-cutting template, visit theornamentgirl.com.)
  • Braided trim
  • Ribbon & pearl-tipped pin for the hanger
  • Scissors & glue


Step 1: Draw your design onto the foam ball, and cut grooves into it, along the design.

Step 2: Lay one of the fabric pieces over one of the design areas, and tuck its edges into the grooves, covering the foam.

Step 3: Continue tucking fabric pieces until the entire ball is covered.

Step 4: Cover the raw edges with braided trim.

Step 5: Create a bow and hanger with loops of ribbon, and then secure to the ornament using the pearl-tipped pin.