Plentiful Pumpkins

Add a festive touch to your home with these clever ideas for decorating pumpkins—no carving involved. Here are a some of the ways that we like to decorate our pumpkins. Change up the traditional look with a simple wrap, dazzle or spray, just to name a few. 

Woven and Wrapped— Choose several neutral colors and textures of yarn. Using hot glue to attach, wrap yarn around pumpkins until completely covered for a beautiful fall look. 


House Number— For a spirited display of your street address, spray-paint a large pumpkin black, and attach metal house numbers, using small brad nails (both found at home-improvement stores).


 Melted Wax— Create a playful look perfect for a Halloween bash with melted crayons and a white pumpkin. Remove paper from crayons, and using a hair dryer or a long-reach candle lighter, melt and drip the crayons over pumpkin; let dry.


Silver Chic— Give a spray-painted silver pumpkin some extra bling by making a 2-inch-wide stripe down one side with silver thumbtacks.