Perfect Summer Poolside Dinner


Celebrate all that summer has to offer by taking the party out back for a poolside dinner. Seasonal fare, refreshing drinks, and lots of fun in the sun await you and your friends.


Create easy centerpieces using blue-glass or painted Mason jars. To make, spray-paint jars the color of your choice (this may require two or three coats to get an even finish). To create multicolored stripes, first spray-paint the jar white or a light color, then spray or hand-paint each section by taping off the other sections. Fill jars with white hydrangeas and daisies and blue thistle.

 Washi-tape flags add a festive element to your centerpieces and cocktails. Take 8- or 12-inch wooden skewers, and wrap washi tape around the ends, making sure the two sticky sides line up. Trim the ends to the desired length, using a straight line or a V shape. Trim the ends of the skewers to stagger the heights. 

 Cool down by adding fruit, such as blueberries and raspberries, to carafes of water. Or add lemon and mint to bottles of tea. Attach label tags to each beverage to distinguish nonalcoholic and alcoholic options.
Make sure your menu can beat the summer heat. Take advantage of the seasonal fruit in season with these two scrumptious recipes:   Grilled Peach Salad with Honey-Thyme Vinaigrette and Basil Mixed Fruit with Buttermilk-Brown Sugar Whipped Cream.