Halloween Party Decorations

Don’t let the thought of throwing a Halloween party scare you. Get ready to throw a BOOtiful gathering for friends and family with these Halloween party decorations. Here are some steps to help you create your own crafty look with these simple decorations.

Striped Setting

Give some seasonal flair to basic glass jars and vases from your cabinet by decorating them with black electrical tape stripes. 


Frilly Centerpiece

Create some fancy florals for your table.

1. Center: Cut a 24-inch length of orange crepe paper. Use pinking sheers to cut a zig-zag edge down one side of the strip (optional). From the zig-zag edge of the strip, cut slits down the length of the crepe paper, creating a fringe. Wrap the fringed strip in a coil around your finger. Remove your finger, and pinch the bottom of the coil together. Secure the bottom with a strip of clear tape. Fluff the fringed petals.

2. Inside Petals: Use the same method as described in the first step to make a fleurette out of a 4-inch-wide strip of newspaper. Use hot glue to attach the crepe flower center in the middle of the newspaper fleurette.

3. Outside Petals: Cut a 12- by 20-inch piece of orange tissue paper. Trim the edges with pinking shears (optional). Starting at the center of one of the short ends, gather the tissue paper into a butterfly shape. Place the crepe and newspaper assembly in the middle of the gathered tissue paper, and fold the tissue paper around it, arranging until you achieve the desired shape. Secure the base of the flower assembly with clear tape.

4. Stem: Insert the pointed end of a bamboo skewer into the bottom of the flower. Wrap with tape to secure.


Paper Rosettes

Use inexpensive items for big impact in the background of your party. 

1. Cut a 36-inch-long strip of masking paper. Accordion-fold the paper, starting at one of the short ends, into about 1-inch sections. Fold your finished accordion in half, and snip the end at an angle using pinking shears. Fan the accordion out into a circle, and use double-sided tape to attach the ends to each other.

2. Create a smaller rosette out of a 6-by-12-inch piece of newspaper, using the same method as described in the first step.

3. Using a threaded needle, make large stitches down a length of crepe paper and gather it into a circle.

4. Stack the three elements together, and attach them to each other using hot glue.