Gorgeous & Galvanized: Friday Five

FF galvanized_October-29_2015

No matter what season galvanized metal is attractive. It’s appeal is so strong because you can incorporate it into your home no matter what your style. From elegant to rustic, you can find the right pieces to match your decor. 

  1. Home is where your heart is, and this lovely reminder would make any house a home for sure. Galvanized Metal Letters HOME Industrial Wall Decor by Peacebabys, $16, etsy.com
  2. Accent your walls with a distinct piece of art. 3-Panel Galvanized Tin Embossed Wall Decor, $94, houzz.com
  3. This lovely item can house a myriad of items from candles to floral centerpieces and give your table a charming touch. Birch Lane Williamsburg Tray, $39, birchlane.com
  4. Sort and organize your sugar, flour, and coffee in these lovely canisters. Aspire Home Accents Galvanized Metal Canisters (Set of 3) $49, Int.com
  5. Take on the go to your next gathering, or use as a lovely corral for your favorite wines. Calvin Wine Holder, $23.95, jossandmain.com