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Taylor Sterling and Caitlin Moran of Glitter Guide joined forces to create a bright and upbeat website dedicated to all things glitz and glam.


The editorial director of Glitter Guide dishes on how it all began and what it takes to make a party perfect. 

There are blogs, and then there’s Glitter Guide. A combination of lifestyle, fashion, food, decorating, and beauty, this glitz-filled site and newsletter have something for everyone. Encouraging readers to sparkle every day, founder Taylor Sterling, editorial director Caitlin Moran, and their team post positive and inspiring features ranging from tablescape ideas, to home tours, to styling the latest trend. Caitlin reveals how she finds inspiration, gives easy ways to entertain, and styles a gorgeous party. 



What inspired you and Taylor to begin blogging?

We both started personal blogs as a way to express our creativity while working full time in corporate jobs. We both love fashion and have always wanted a career in this field— starting our blogs over five years ago was a jumping point for both of us.  

How did y’all connect for Glitter Guide?

We met through the ‘blogosphere,’ and I reached out on Twitter to see if I could help Taylor in any way with Glitter Guide. I knew she was on to something with the site, and I wanted to be a part of growing it from the ground up. It’s proof of the power of social media and the connections you can make.

Tell us about your typical day running and managing Glitter Guide

It’s always changing! Taylor is headquartered out of the Bay Area in California, and I am outside of D.C., so we talk a lot via e-mail every single day. Keeping up with our in-boxes takes a lot of time. We are also always running around to prep for photo shoots, coordinating photographers for home tours all over the country, and also handling all of the marketing and partnerships. We have several contributors who submit content, so we are in communication with them frequently, and also have a graphics team, social media coordinator, and editorial assistant. 

Where do you find inspiration for new posts?

Everywhere! We try to get out and see as much of the world as we can to keep up with trends in fashion, interiors, food, etc. Even dining at a new restaurant can inspire us to create a fun new recipe post, or we may notice a certain style of glasses or linens being used. This happens a lot in NYC, and we take note of new trends on the scene. Magazines and Tumblr are also constant sources of inspiration for us.

What’s next for you and Glitter Guide?

We are rebranding and working on a new website design. We’re ready for a fresh new look. We also are working on products that you will hopefully be able to buy this year! It’s all very exciting.


Planning process: Pick a theme, and run with it! Even if you’re having an outdoor BBQ or relaxed dinner party, deciding on one central element to base it off of keeps everything cohesive.

Décor must-haves: Signage! Whether it’s a big chalkboard menu, place cards, or small menus, these little printed items make a huge impact and take it up a notch.

Go-to menu: Easy appetizers, like a big cheese plate, and then prep-ahead foods, like roast chicken and kale salad. 

Favorite stores: Foodwise, Trader Joe’s for inexpensive cheese and crackers and Whole Foods for more gourmet options. Also, the farmers’ market for local products. For entertaining supplies, we love using vintage pieces that are one of a kind! 

A Glitter Guide Party

Caitlin teamed up with Veuve Clicquot for a social media four-course tasting dinner in Washington, D.C.



Color palette: blush pink with pops of yellow, black, and white.

Party size: 30 people

Location: Table, in Washington, D.C.

Menu: 4-course dinner paired with Champagne

Flowers: poppies, kumquats, Japanese ranunculus, peach stock, tulips, cherry blossoms, sweet peas, astilbe, Pieris japonica, gooseneck loosestrife, cabbage roses, and spray roses

Favorite details: chalkboard signs and garlands


Above left: “The floral designs were an eclectic mix of spring’s bounty,” says florist Holly Chapple.

The goal with the event design was to blend sophistication with a simple and natural feel. We kept the design minimal and let the florals and Champagne take center stage.

The color palette was inspired by the rosé bottle. The blush pink was the main color and echoed the blooming cherry blossoms outside, while yellow, black, and white added bright pops of color.


Photography courtesy of Abby Jiu.