Friday Five: Chocolate Craze

Where would we be without chocolate? Wednesday, October 28 is National Chocolate Day, so we are celebrating early with our favorite chocolate finds for all our fellow chocolate lovers. There isn’t much that a piece of chocolate won’t cure. According to Bright River Chocolate, the average American will consume twelve pounds of chocolate a year. We’ve picked our favorite chocolate candy, cookies, brownies, and cake from across the country to satisfy your chocolate craze.

1. Traditional English Toffee is twice as delicious when dipped in dark chocolate. Chocolate Dipped English Toffee, $8,

2. You’ll be coming back for a second slice of this decadent cake with alternating layers of luscious chocolate cake and smooth chocolate filling. Strip House 24-Layer Chocolate Cake, $100,

3. Filled with milk chocolate caramel ganache and coated in dark chocolate, these adorable macarons are even topped with a gold leaf.

Chocolate Covered Macarons, $20,

4. These moist brownies are baked to perfection.

Dancing Deer Chocolate Chunk Brownies, $14.99,

5. With a hint of vanilla and a touch of salt, these cookies have a unique taste that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Jacques World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, $18,