Five Simple Ways to Green Up Your Bar


A party planning resolution that we have heard more in 2015 than in any other year is hosting eco-friendly parties! We have all seen it happen in our everyday lives: cardboard boxes don’t get broken down or recycled, and plastic bags get used even though the reusable ones are in the trunk. “I’m in a hurry,” or, “It was just that one time,” goes through all of our minds on occasion, but when it comes to parties and events, hosts have the opportunity to make a larger positive impact by making green choices. When hosting a party of 10 to 30 to 50 people, even small shifts towards sustainability can make a big difference!

One of the easier and more entertaining ways to go green is to focus on what all of your guests will likely be thinking about: the bar. Digital invitation and event management firm,, works with event planners, party hosts and engaged couples to help plan events across the world. This month their event planning gurus, Michelle Blanchard and Alex Kelsey, want to share the sustainable eco-friendly love. Michelle and Alex chatted with event planners and restaurants across the country to pinpoint the top five ways to green up your next party bar!

  1. Kegs are the New Bottle
    Higher quality beer, lower costs . . . what’s not to love? A 50-person event serving drinks from kegs, rather than bottles, could save an average of 42 pounds of glass! Some might agonize over the avant-garde concept of wine in kegs but industry frontrunners, like Marriott and Ritz-Carlton, have realized the innumerable benefits of serving wine-on-tap. You can save an average of 26 wine bottles and 165 beer cans per keg! Besides the obvious benefit (less waste!), because of the lower packaging and distribution costs, you can get higher quality wine at lower prices, which means happier guests and happier taste buds.