Family Birthday Celebration Party Art

Celebrate a loved one’s special day with bright decor and our fun Family Birthday Celebration Party Art. For an easy and inexpensive centerpiece, make celebration pennants with words like “hooray” and “party.” Print our Birthday Celebration Pennants out, wrap around wooden skewers in varying heights, and insert in a simple vase or glass decanter. 


Handmade Confetti Poppers
Put a handmade confetti popper at each place setting to add to the merriment. You will need fine crepe paper or tissue paper, toilet paper rolls, cracker snaps, confetti, ribbon, adhesive dots, and scissors. You can make your own confetti by cutting fringe into crepe or tissue paper, and trimming it to create little squares. To make the poppers, begin by cutting the toilet paper roll in half. Cut a piece of thin crepe paper or tissue paper into a 10″ x 7″ piece. Place a cracker snap onto the crepe paper and tightly roll the paper around the tissue paper roll. When the paper wraps around the roll, seal the paper to itself with several adhesive dots. Trim any excess crepe paper from the end, and tie the paper together with a ribbon or string. Put confetti into the other open end of the roll until it is full, and tie it off with a ribbon. Trim the ends to make them symmetrical. When the poppers are ready, pull them apart forcefully from each end for the full effect.