Everyday Elegance Lessons with Madame Chic

POLISH-YOUR-POISE-CoverNew York Times best selling author Jennifer L. Scott has everything you need to reach your peak of chic. In her newest book,  Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic: Lessons in Everyday Elegance, Jennifer, who also wrote At Home with Madame Chic and Lessons from Madame Chic , instructs readers how to cultivate poise on a daily basis with helpful anecdotes and timeless advice. From grooming to communication to hospitality skills, Jennifer makes grace and dignity accessible and achievable in almost every realm of life. Through her books and her blog, “The Daily Connoisseur,”  thousands follow Jennifer as she advises on the fine art of living, and makes poise accessible for everyone. Check out our exclusive chat with Madame Chic below, and enter to win Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic and three other amazing reads in ourNovember/December Books We Are Loving Giveaway before today at 12 p.m. CST!

Tell us a little about why you wanted to create your book.
I wrote Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic because our world is rapidly losing our traditions and becoming more casual. Many people seem to no longer care how they present themselves and act. In many cases they were never taught. I wanted to write this book to encourage all women (and men) that our behavior and how we present ourselves is important and that once you start cultivating poise, your life changes in beautiful ways.

What is it about specifically? How is it broken into chapters, etc?
Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic is a book that encourages all of us to cultivate poise as a life-long endeavor. Any one can cultivate poise. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or what family you were born into. It is something that everyone can work on and benefit from.  

Part 1 discusses the power of poise and how it really is a valuable asset in today’s unmannerly world. Part 2 discusses presentation— everything from style and dressing to posture and deportment. The final part is on practicing poise and gives practical advice to the reader on how they can implement poise into their everyday lives.

Vertical-TemplateWhat was the hardest part? Easiest part?
Whenever I write my books, I want the reader to know that I have experienced everything I write about. I wasn’t born a Madame Chic. In fact, I don’t think anyone is. Elegance, grace and class are all learned attributes, so it’s very important for me to let the reader know that I’m not coming from a place of perfection, but that I make mistakes everyday just like they do. Cultivating poise is a very fun and exhilarating journey and I want the reader to experience that. 

The easiest part about writing the book was coming up with the subject matter. I feel so passionate about poise and etiquette and I see such a lack of it in today’s society that it was the logical next step.

What is your favorite thing about the latest book?
I love the concept that we all have viewers. I have a YouTube channel and often people tell me to keep up the good work for my viewers. I love to remind people that we all have viewers. Our family members, our co-workers, our neighbors all view us and it’s imperative that we are good role models for those people.  

What do you want people to come away with after reading your book?
I want people to get passionate about their everyday lives. I want them to enjoy styling themselves and presenting themselves to the world. I want them to take delight in cultivating poise, even if it sometimes feels like a lonely endeavor. I want them to know that their actions can make the world a better place.