Eery & Elegant Halloween

Alfred Hitchcock would be proud of this vintage and elegant Halloween soirée that takes decorative inspiration from his classic movie The Birds. With a clever menu of revamped dishes from the same era and a party favor, it shows even adults can celebrate the often kid-focused holiday.


Create the Look
Take on the traditional color palette of black and orange for your soirée, but add a splash of gold to make the event regal.

Create a main food table, and display your retro menu there. Add to the ambiance by finding unusual ways, such as mini nests, to house your fare. Fashion a decorative focal point on the table by using a birdcage. Fill it with moss and birch stump, and add birds inside and on top of the cage.

Multiple lit candles in assorted heights, along with dimmed lights, create a moody atmosphere. This is an easy and inexpensive touch that adds appeal.

Urns filled with dry floral foam and branches forming a “tree” create a striking touch and give your creation height. Add birds to branches to complete the look. Urns can flank a staircase or be positioned within an entry to the home.