Barnyard Bash: A Birthday Party by Bird’s Party Blog

birthday party

For Cristina Riches, a.k.a. “Bird,” party planning simply runs in her DNA. The founder of Bird’s Party Blog still remembers the Barbie-dress cake her mother made for her 10th birthday. “My mom always made a big deal out of birthdays,” she says, “not necessarily in a lavish way but always in a creative and handmade fashion.”

When Bird’s own children were born, she decided to leave her job as a chemical engineer to be a full-time parent. After that, she followed in her mom’s footsteps and naturally gravitated toward the party scene with each of her children’s birthdays.

She soon started designing original printables, which were featured on party-planning websites. People began asking if they could buy her designs or if she could style something for them. “That was my lightbulb moment—realizing I could actually live off a creative hobby and make a career out of it,” she says.

Bird’s Party Blog was set up as a creative outlet and as a way to connect with other moms, bloggers, and celebration lovers around the world. Today, Bird designs parties from the whimsical to the vintage to the modern. She specializes in children’s events since her little ones are her biggest source of inspiration.

“With kids’ parties, I find that you’ve got more leeway in the creative arena and can regress into childhood in a way, into all that’s magical and enchanting,” Bird says. “It can feel more like play, rather than work.”