Autumn Dinner: A Regal Feast

Gather family and friends for an autumn dinner party that has an air of sophistication yet evokes sentiments of the season. 

autumn dinner

 Create the Look

– Move away from the traditional fall color palette by bringing in white tones for a clean and simple look. Use natural elements to maintain a stylish autumn tablescape. 

– Place large, white pumpkins on square cake stands, and surround each with light and airy baby’s breath. Continue the theme by adorning the table with miniature pumpkins and other gourds.

autumn dinner 
– Let place-card holders serve double duty as edible takeaways for your guests. Fill Mason jars with a sweet treat like white chocolate–covered pretzels, and place a piece of burlap over each one. Secure the lid, and attach a handwritten name tag to each jar with a strand of jute.

– At each place setting, put a homemade flatware holder. To make, cut a strip of burlap, and fold over, creating a pocket. Use a hot-glue gun to secure the edges. Cut a strip of burlap in a darker shade, wrap around the edge of the pocket’s opening, and glue in place. Using gold-toned ribbon, tie a bow around the holder to complete the look.