A Surprise Baby Shower by Matthew Mead

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The multi-talented Matthew Mead shows us how to create a very special surprise baby shower for the mom-to-be. 

Close friends gather for a nursery makeover instead of a traditional baby shower. The results are an afternoon of fun, reflection and memorable good times . . . and a stellar surprise for an expectant Mom. 

Baby showers can be somewhat stale and inactive, especially if in your circle of friends a visit from the stork isn’t that rare. Enter Lindsey Morin and her idea to have a spray day and make over her friend Molly’s spare bedroom as a nursery for her upcoming bundle of joy. Lindsey enlisted the help of mutual friends and planned a morning of painting coupled with an afternoon room reveal and a festive celebration. 

baby shower.Painting-Crib
The women prepped the furnishings first and used a fabric drop cloth as a spraying backdrop for the crib and cupboard. “We did everything in one color,” says Rebecca. “It provided a fresh, modern backdrop for pillows, fabrics and furnishings.” Stencils and painter’s tape makes it super easy to add instant style. Cut your design out of mylar paper and simply stick to the wall with stencil adhesive. Spray over then remove the stencil to reveal a crisp relief. 

baby shower.Painting-Furniture
Molly loves yellow and picked a honey bee theme. Family furnishing were upcycled for the room using a zero-voc paint which is safest for the new arrival. Hand-cut stencils out of black mylar are adhered to the wall with low-tack stencil adhesive. Wooden laser-cut flowers are attached to the side of the cupboard with map pins while blue tape is employed to fashion flower stems. Laser-cut wooden medallions from the crafts store act as instant stencils to dress up the side of a vintage cupboard.
baby shower.Painting