4 Splendid St-Germain Cocktails


Toast the anticipation of Spring’s arrival with a variety of splendid St-Germain cocktails. Open a beautiful bottle of St-Germain, and you can smell the complex flavors of this refreshing liqueur. Hints of pear and citrus mix with lychee and elderflower are found in this delicate artisanal French liqueur.

St-Germain cocktails are the perfect way to welcome the season! It adds a delightful, sweet flavor that is hard to resist. Try our four recipes below; all twists on classic cocktails using this refreshing flavor. And, then find ways you can use it in your favorite concoctions. Get creative!

How It’s Made
The unique process of making elderflower cordial dates back to the late 19th century. According to legend, during the few weeks in spring when the elderflower was blooming in the foothills of the Alps, locals would pick the flowers and bicycle them into town, where they were used to make the liqueur. After three generations, the family still keeps the exact process under wraps.